Mariana Valverde

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Mariana Valverde, ba, ma, phd

Prof. Valverde specialises in social and legal theory, historical-sociological studies of moral regulation, and the sociology of law. She has recently completed a study of knowledge practices in various legal sites that will appear in the spring of 2003 from Princeton University Press. The book is entitled "Law's Dream of a Common Knowledge."

She is now beginning a major socio-legal study of municipal practices of ordering, focusing on officials other than police. This will cover both horizontal relations (disputes between neighbours) and relations between the city and citizens. It will include an analysis of the new Municipal Acts coming into force in Ontario and elsewhere in Canada, an empirical study of nuisance inspections and nuisance law, and a study of licensing and zoning as tools for enacting a certain vision of the well-ordered 'civil' community.

Smaller current projects involve co-editing an anthology on Nietzsche and legal theory (with Peter Goodrich) and writing an upper-level undergraduate text on 'Representations of law and order', for the British publisher Cavendish Books.

Centre for Criminology, University of Toronto