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To create the leading collaborative centre for forensic research and education.


To contribute to the development of a rigorous empirical base for forensic medicine and science.


The scope of the Centre will be broad and multi-disciplinary.  The Centre will unifiy the forensic community, coordinate knowledge-based initiatives and create an environment that fosters interdisciplinary research.  The Centre will develop forensic educational programs across the entire training spectrum and through inter-professional education in allied Faculties. The forensic disciplines in the scope of the Centre will include: forensic science; forensic pathology; pediatric forensic pathology; forensic psychiatry and psychology; forensic anthropology; forensic odontology; and forensic pediatrics.


  1. Unify the forensic community. The forensic experts and scholars at the University of Toronto are scattered amongst various institutions and academic departments. There is no locus or ‘home-base’ for forensic medicine and science. The Centre will provide this base and facilitate interaction and scholarly achievement between different forensic experts. For example, the community can be regularly brought together for regular research seminars and other Centre-based activities.

  1. Spark forensic research. There is a major forensic research vacuum in Canada. There are few ongoing forensic research collaborations and there are no independently funded forensic research programs. The Centre will foster inter-disciplinary research proposals that will expand the possibilities both for research topics and funding.

  1. Co-ordinate and develop educational programs. One of the main mandates of the Centre will be the development of educational programs across the University campus. Although there is already a well-developed undergraduate degree program in the forensic sciences, there is no regular and coordinated forensic education in the professional faculties (Medicine, Nursing, and Law) or education at the graduate level. The Centre will provide a base for the initiation of graduate and professional education in forensic science and medicine at the University of Toronto.